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Sylvi & Kamen / Wedding in Malta

Wedding in Malta. As intriguing and interesting as it sounds. 🙂

Malta – the small island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. A mixture of cultures and historical events that have formed their own spirit and characteristic atmosphere. A country where the sun never stops shining for more than 3000 hours a year.

And so, a year before the day of the event, Sylvia and Kamen sought us out. They had a specific vision for their wedding. An exquisite and boutique vision in the ancient Renaissance building of Palazzo Parisio. They planned a church ceremony in the majestic church – the Rotunda of Mosta – the size of its dome. A well-planned wedding with an international spirit.

We are often reminded how lucky we are with our choice of this profession. Because of the people we meet, but also because of the adventures and experiences it brings us. We are also grateful this time for meeting these people and sending us all the way to this extraordinary island, Malta.

Videography: SkyTrip Studio
Photography: Shane P. Watts
Wedding planner: Perfect Weddings Malta
Location: Palazzo Parisio

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