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The Wedding Session (video)

Monday July 20th, 2020

And here we are in the 6th part of our series, tracking chronologically what happens on a wedding day!

It’s time for the most beautiful and intimate part of the wedding day – the art session with the couple.

In the following lines we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions related to the session. We will also give some basic guidelines for its planning.

What is an artistic session during the wedding day?

The photo shoot is an integral part of modern weddings. It is the artistic note on the wedding day. The time in which photographers and videographers work with the couple actively. The goal is to create memorable and exciting shots that reflect the beauty and tenderness in the relationship of the newlyweds. There is nothing better than directed but casual shots. Sounds paradoxical, but what does that mean? Each couple has a different temperament, aesthetic views, and even a threshold of tolerance when it comes to being the center of attention. Here it is important for the good professional in the person of the photographer and videographer to predispose the couple. In addition, the most important factor conducive to the good mood of the session, and hence the beautiful shots is the mood of the newlyweds. No matter how tense you were from the excitement and organization of the wedding, forget about everything. Relax, indulge in your partner and make this moment unforgettable. Remember that the frames from this moment on will remain framed in photos and movies forever. So, enjoy the experience!

How much time should we spend on the session?

The optimal time is between 1-2 hours. In this range you need to provide travel and return to and from the location for photos. The more time there is for a session, the better. However, 50-60 minutes of clean time at the location are enough for photo and video teams.

Is it necessary to have two separate sessions for the photo and video teams?

Different teams work differently. But the most common option is for the two teams to start the session together, alternating over a period of time. This does not mean that while videographers work with the couple, photographers do not shoot the other way around. When working with professionals, you should never have to worry about this. Leave yourself in their hands and enjoy the process.

When is the best time for a session?

The best time for a session is in the pre-sunset part of the day. Creating beautiful and artistic shots, the main tool of photographers and videographers is the light. And the best light is during the “golden hour” or the last hour before sunset. Sunlight is softer and golden. The temperature outside has dropped and the weather is cooler.

Should we take bridesmaids and godparents with us to the session?

Since groomsmen and bridesmaids are presumably one of the most important people for the newlyweds, they can not be missed in the wedding report (photographic and videographic). But when we talk about a session with the couple, their presence is not necessary. Often, when there are bridesmaids and groomsmen, they come at the beginning of the session. The photos with them take place within 10 minutes, after which their presence is not necessary. The best option is after these few minutes of shooting with them, to leave them go back to the wedding venue. This way they will have time to rest, and you and the teams will be more relaxed and focused on the intimate session.

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