We are glad you are here! We are SkyTrip Studio – videographers looking for new experiences, emotions, friendships and stories that inspire and motivate us to do what we love, namely to create movies!


Anna Goranova-Angelova

THANK YOU! You really did so to bring us back to this day over and over again! Each moment and every detail was captured and recreated in a friendly way. Continue in the same spirit, be creative and brave in your ideas and dreams! Greetings!

Hristina Dimova

The clips you've done have surpassed our wildest expectations. Our words will not come to express our gratitude and admiration for the work of these two professionals! With their great ideas and a positive attitude to what they do, they have created world-class clips that will be remembered for a lifetime and we will proudly show them to our grandchildren one day too! Extremely correct and friendly attitude as well as accuracy are just some of the qualities behind the success of SkyTrip team. We wish you more and more people to enjoy the art you create! Thank you from heart! See you soon, friends ❣️❣️❣️

Elisaveta Miteva

Boys, thank you from heart for being able to catch every moment, any emotion, and to present in a great way this important day for us. You are extremely accurate and responsible people who are easy to work with. We are happy to have trusted you!

Tsvetelina Ivanova

I want to express my sincere thanks to the SkyTrip boys! Amazing professionals and people! Extremely responsible and creative! Thank you for keeping one of the most important moments in my life! You have inspired me with great confidence since our first meeting and I have no doubt that the final product will justify my expectations, but it surpassed them! I'm happy to have the opportunity to work with you! You are unique!

Suad Ali

Thank you for becoming part of our special day and that you captured the emotions and surrendered all the energy of our wedding. You are awesome!

Ivo Ivanov

I have been working with the SkyTripStudio team for one day, and I can only express my admiration for their attitude and level of professionalism. The final product was at the level we were expecting! Thanks, gentlemen!

Plamena Pechinova

Thank you, SkyTrip Studio, for the professionalism you do with everything. The emotions you've got through the lens and perfectly matched with beautiful music perfectly reproduce the magical feeling of our wedding! Thank you for giving us the opportunity, with this movie, to share the emotions of this wonderful day with our friends who could not attend our wedding party. And you have returned the wonderful, warm feelings of the day! Thank you! Keep up the good work!

Krasimira Marinova

Thanks for the high professionalism, the warm attitude and the whole atmosphere! Thank you for sealing our day in a unique way! Boldly move forward, do not stop provoking and dreaming the dreams of everyone who trusts you.... P. S. We did it and we would repeat it a thousand times! You are awesome!