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Vesi & Petyo

Vesi and Petyo … two Bulgarians, living and working in Denmark, decided to get married here in Bulgaria. We are very pleased with the fact that they have chosen us as a team and liked the work we do. The wedding was held on July 27th at Medovo Chateau near Burgas. The newlyweds had taken care of the good mood of the guests by organizing a bus to move to a beautiful and cool grove where they could relax. There the guests were greeted with great cocktails prepared by the boys from Travel Cocktails. In this extremely pleasant and casual setting, we decided to make a short photo and video session that just could not getting AWESOME! The great photos of this day are made by the photographer Mariela Chelebieva.
After a few hours in the nature the wedding party started, where Bulgarians and Danes danced Bulgarian horo dance under the accompaniment of two bagpipes…!

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