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We are glad you are here! We are SkyTrip Studio – videographers looking for new experiences, emotions, friendships and stories that inspire and motivate us to do what we love, namely to create movies!

Suad & Beyazid

We present our first short wedding film about the warm season of 2018 that we have created. An interesting and beautiful wedding of the couple Swad and Beyazid. Young people who have lived in distant London for years, but decided to return to their homeland and invite their friends from all over the world to celebrate their love apogee together at the foot of the Eastern Rhodopes, Kardzhali. Swathe and Beyazid are an interesting and artistic couple who travels around the world during their free time and visits various exotic destinations. In one of our first conversations with them, we were impressed by the fact that they had a very well developed Instagram profile (@suadbeyaz), in which they shared their voyages with a wide audience. This was the starting point for us and the concept of their movie.

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