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Mirena & Konstantin

In the next 105 seconds you will see heavy scenes of beautiful madness, wild emotions and happiness that hover in the air of that day!
With this brief introduction, we will present you the latest short wedding film we have created for Mirena and Konstantin. Their wedding was held at the end of April in the restaurant of “RAYA Garden”, Veliko Tarnovo. The ceremony took place in the restaurant’s outdoor garden, which has panoramic city views. A beautiful and refreshing wedding, abounding with young people, friends of the young family, who made one of the most amazing parties we have seen recently. That happens thanks to the Dj – Tihomir Todorov. With the talented photographer and our friend Ventsi Yordanov, we took the couple to a post-wedding session in a truly heavenly place, not far from the Elena Balkan.
Thanks to Mirena and Konstantin for letting us explode and create their short wedding film in a way that proves that wedding videography can be different and fascinating!

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