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Mariela Chelebieva – Wedding Storyteller

It was one of those good days when you go to work with impatience. In the morning we drove from the old capital to the Troyan Balkan, and our final destination was Paradise Bay, a place that deserves its name to one hundred percent. The organization on this shooting day was the responsibility of the wedding photographer Mariela Chelebeeva, and our goal – paparazzi by strolling it all day through dams and lawns, to capture backstage footage, creating a promotional video for her work. Well, that day even surpassed our expectations, from the newlyweds, Anna and Ivan, through Mariela and the incredibly bright owner of the complex, who was also our captain on the motorboat, to Yana from Cotton Fields, the mood of everyone was excellent. And that helped a lot for Mariela’s wonderful photos and beautiful backstage photos from us.

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