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Chrisie & Ivan

This film will keep the memory of the date – June 23, 2018 for Ivan and Chrisie. Incredible people with great attitude and respect to us and our work. They have organized a beautiful and elegant wedding near the picturesque Kardzhali dam in the Glavatarski han complex. The day before the wedding we drove by the dam together and sealed some wonderful moments. The weather was also on our side and gave us “epic” clouds and even light, with which we even depicted the emotions of the couple and their surrounding landscapes. This is one of the few weddings in which tension was an unfamiliar word. This is due to the good idea of ​​organizing the wedding that the newlyweds had. Instead of stretching and exhausting trips to get the bride, Ivan and Chrisie had organized their preparation in two apartments in the complex. The man responsible for their wedding photography was our colleague and friend Petya Tabakova.

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