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Кarolina and Sasha / A Forest Wedding in Germany

When we received an inquiry about a wedding in Germany, right in the middle of the Covid pandemic, we were split with emotion. It’s strange to feel joy and fear at the same time. We were worried about how our whole trip and stay there would go, as we already had commitments immediately after this one. We had no room for mistakes…
Thinking through every detail carefully, we made the decision to pack our bags and jump into this adventure. Another one, for this year. 🙃

Folks, it was worth it! Every second of worry and fear, came back to us in a double dose of happiness, satisfaction, pleasant emotions and adventure. We are grateful for the trust, attitude and welcoming of Carolina and Sasha, as well as their family and friends. We felt like we were home!

The wedding? As expected from a pure “crazy” in their own, bulgarian woman and german, the wedding was unique! We witnessed a friendly “clash” of two totally different cultures united by love. Everything was polished to the smallest detail. Definitely, we never imagined that on the afternoon of August 13th, we would be eating delicious musaka during the afternoon brunch near the town Kremmen, listening to Sasha rapping and their guests playing games around Kremmen Lake and dancing bulgarian folk.

Enchanted by the colorfulness of this whole experience, we felt some worries about how we were going to fit this whole story into a few minutes… After a lot of time spent thinking and editing, we believe we managed to tell this inspiring story in the best and truest way. Have a nice viewing! 🙃

Videography and editing: SkyTrip Studio
Location: SeeLodge Kremmen


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