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Didi and Krasi – Boho wedding in Elena

Didi and Krasi’s wedding was an epitome of each of them – creative and energetic. A wedding under the open sky amidst a pine tree forest on the outskirts of Elena. Even though the event was delayed by a year, they were even more enthusiastic and bubbling with energy than before. Every detail of the decorations was Didi’s own creation. Well, with some help from friends. The overall look of the wedding was in a bohemian (boho) style. To turn it into what you see now, they used the same magic they put into their iconic burgers at @VkusoteriA.

Videography: SkyTrip Studio
Photography: Art Photo Story
Wedding host: Vihren Nedyalkov
Venue: “Tihiyat kat” (Elena)

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