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Wedding in 4 seasons. Advantages and disadvantages.

Saturday February 23rd, 2019

One of the first decisions that couples decided to get married is when to make their dream day. In Bulgaria, the most preferred seasons are spring and summer. But why don`t we break the status quo and to think about what opportunities offer all the seasons before we chose the exact date …


(March, April, May)

Пролетна сватба, предимства и недостатъци


1.The atmosphere is colorful and beautiful.

The natural beauty of the season is so romantic. Blooming trees and shrubs, dyed in bright colors, create amazing landscapes that help for the good mood and beautiful footages which will remain in your memory.

2. Optimal temperatures with low probability of bad weather.

Optimal temperatures in the spring are notoriously known and preferred by all. The strong temperature contrasts of winter and summer are unfamiliar to this season, resulting in a wide choice of clothing options. As we all know this is very important for ladies.

3. Lingering positive energy of spring.

Spring rescued us from the freezing temperatures of winter, and as if we all take a breath of fresh spring air which awakens us from the deep winter sleep. The passionate beauty of this season always works inspiring. This is a prerequisite for a wonderful mood and positive energy. Energy that is appropriate to invest in such a positive event as a wedding.


1. Everything is busy, should be booked early.

If you decide to have your wedding in the spring, we definitely advise you to start the organization from the previous calendar year. Demand during this season is huge, which can be explained by the abovementioned advantages of the spring.

2. Match with the proms.

At our latitudes, proms are traditionally organized in May. And this month is also the personification of the spring wedding (and the end of April). This leads to conflict, because usually the locations where the wedding parties are held are the same as for the proms. Another disadvantage is the fact that some of your guests are likely to be engaged in the proms either as guests or as organizers.

3. Spring allergy – closed eyes, running nose and sneezing.

Spring doesn`t always bring joy. A large percentage of people suffer from “spring allergy” (pollen allergy). This is unpleasant, especially when some of the newlyweds suffer from such allergy. In addition to physiological discomfort, the condition would negatively affect the photo / video session if your eyes are constantly closed and you cannot control your running nose from irritation.


(June, July, August)

Лятна сватба, предимства и недостатъци


1. Open weddings and weddings at the seaside.

Why do we love summer? Surely, one of the answers lies in the golden sand combined with the cool sea and a fresh cocktail. Summer is the best season for planning an outdoor wedding. Although there are risks for unpredictable weather, they are minimized here.

2. Holiday Season – People are more open to travel.

Most of the weddings are organized in the summer. A season characterized by good weather and relaxing mood. People are open to trips and midnight giggles. You will be at peace in terms of attending the maximum number of invited guests.

3. Mountain weddings – there is beautiful and cool.

Down there in the fields, the temperatures are high and sometimes even unbearable. But in the mountain is always different. The winter beauty of the mountain is unbelievable, but unfortunately it is difficult to access and meteorologically inappropriate for organizing such important events during the snow season. That’s why summer is the perfect wedding season for the mountain.


1. There are no vacancies and teams.

The fact that summer is the most preferred wedding season leads to consequences. For example, the difficulty of finding free locations, teams and organizers. For this reason, it is advisable to book the people who will work on creating and storing your wedding day, as early as possible.

2. Unbearable heat.

Apart from the relaxing mood and sea breeze, we all connect the summer with the unbearable heats.  The excessive heat temperatures often lead to unpleasant side effects such as sweating, dehydration and insolation. For this reason, if you make a wedding in this period, we would recommend you to take into account these factors. If you plan an outdoor ritual, it is better to predict it for the later hours of the day (18: 00-19: 00) when temperatures are more favorable. Also, we do not recommend crowding the program with multiple trips, custom and games, which in some cases can lead to overheating and even fainting of the guests.

3. Great demand – high prices

As we all know, the demand is determined by the supply. In the most preferred wedding season – summer, demand is the greatest, hence the prices for wedding services are higher. This statement certainly cannot be absolutized but could serve as a guideline when considering the wedding budget.


(September, October)

Есенна сватба, предимства и недостатъци


1. Better choices for location.

After the hot season, in the autumn the atmosphere calms down. October is a great month to make your wedding. Preferred wedding locations, which have been reserved in the spring and summer for a year ahead, are now a possible choice for the couples who said YES in the summer.

2. Moderate temperatures.

As spring is invigorating after the heavy winter, autumn gives us the opportunity to take a sip of freshness after the tiring August heat. Moderate temperatures keep us from sweating and are reasonably predictable, so we know how warm we can dress up in autumn.

3. Autumn nature – natural decor for photos and videos.

А season which gives us a lovely natural livery. Classic autumn shades – orange, brown, yellow, red, give a colorful atmosphere on the wedding day. This natural decor adds a fabulous romantic note to wedding photos and videos.


1. Risk of rains.

Autumn, apart from the beautiful transformation of nature and moderate temperatures, is also known for its rainfalls. But since this is no surprise to any of us, we can always carry an umbrella with us. Yes, it is – it’s not very comfortable.

2. Financial difficulties of the guests.

Often, at this time of the year, people have financial difficulties after the summer holidays, the start of the school season, or start saving money for Christmas holidays. Surely, this fact should not be a starting point when planning your wedding, but you should not be disappointed if you receive lower-budget gifts from relatives and friends.

3. Opportunity for indoor weddings only.

This disadvantage is not surprising for autumn weddings, given the frequent rainfall typical of the season. Surely, the most reasonable option is to look for indoor locations if you do not want to be disappointed.

One of the first decisions that couples decided to get married is when to make their dream day. In Bulgaria, the most preferred seasons are spring and summer. But why don`t we break the status quo and to think about what opportunities offer all the seasons before we chose the exact date…


(November, December, January, February)

зимна сватба, предимства и недостатъци


1. Higher probability of free teams “at the last minute”.

If you choose a date in winter you will have more chances to hire the teams you like, even if you make a last-minute booking

2. Cheaper?

Since this season is rarely preferred for weddings, this leads to a decrease in prices in some segments of the wedding industry. The goal is to stimulate more young couples to choose dates for the winter season.

3. Non-standard photos and video (Snow Fairy).

From the point of view of wedding photography and videography, winter predisposes creative and fresh ideas. They are related to its greatest fortune – the snow.


1. Low temperatures -complex organization.

Definitely one of the leading drawbacks of the snow season are the climatic conditions. Unfortunately, the freezing temperatures, shaving-cold winds and snow cover are the enemy of the easy organization. This leads to the difficult travelling of the guests from other settlements, the layering of a lot of warm clothes, which, besides being engaged, is also detrimental to the idea of elegant clothing that is characteristic of wedding events.

2. It gets dark earlier and the program should be shorter.

One of the features of this season is the short day offset by the long night. In winter the sun sets at about 17: 00-18: 00, and this literally shortens the possibilities for a long wedding day and saturation of the program.

3. There is no opportunity for outdoor wedding.

This shortcoming of winter is more than obvious, but it is impossible to miss it. Of course, if Siberian blood runs into your veins, maybe you would not mind doing a ritual in the snow? 🙂

Article Author: Galin Banchev; Photography: Kalushkov Photography

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