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The wedding ceremony is the essence of the wedding day, the most important ritual of the wedding, during which the newlyweds enter into a civil marriage.

As mentioned in the previous article First Look (video), sometimes the first meeting of the newlyweds takes place under the altar, before the ceremony.

The rituals are internal and external (outdoor ritual). In some weddings, the newlyweds choose to enter into a civil marriage before the wedding date. In these cases, couples often decide on the wedding day to organize another, but this time an informal ritual (sham), so as not to deprive their guests of the thrill of this tradition.

Entering into an eternal union with a loved one in front of relatives and friends is perhaps the most romantic and emotional moment in everyone’s family life. In recent years in our work as wedding videographers, we have witnessed another act of treasure during the ritual. Namely, the vows of the newlyweds to each other or the so-called wedding vows (video with vows). Wedding vows have a sentimental value. As for the wedding video, when the newlyweds feel that the vows are important to them, this moment of the day inevitably adds great value to the emotional charge of their film and the memory of that day.

After the most sentimental part of the wedding, there is a light rest and photos with the guests. A time when the couple pays attention to their guests. Expect a video on the topic next week.

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