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The drone in the wedding videography

Tuesday February 12th, 2019

Drones allow us to look at the world from a different perspective. This is why it has gained great popularity in recent years. Through it, we have the ability to take photos or to record a video from any angle and height. This allows the pilot (photographer / video operator) to unfold his imagination to unseen, only a decade ago heights. Thanks to the rapid development of this technology, the world of cinema and photography has  remarkably changed.

What is a drone in the context of photography and cinema?

Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used to make high-quality images and videos. In essence, the drone is a robot that is controlled by remote control.

What added value does this technology give us in the wedding video?

Imagine that you are planning a wedding on the seashore or a fabulous destination that reveals scenes worthy of a landscape painter picture. Wouldn`t you like this beauty to be captured in your wedding film and when you watch it to feel the sense of admiration of the beauty that has prompted you to choose exactly this place.

Even the outer appearance of the place don`t reveal majestic views, the drones can be used during the wedding or after the wedding session. The pilot’s skills come from adding the desired color and additional dynamics after choosing a beautiful place for the photos. The quality footage will serve as an additional means of inspiration for film editing.

What do we need to know before choosing the DRONE option for our wedding?

Typically, the use of a drone is an option that you can choose extra or is included in a more advanced photographic / video package. The range in which the price of this service varies in the wedding industry is 200-500 BGN.

Following the rapid popularization of this technology, mainly due to the diffusion of breathtaking panoramic views in social networks, more and more future newlyweds choose this service. It is important to note that self-use of a drone would not produce impressive results. What does this mean? If you have not provided enough time for a session on the wedding day or the location of the session or event venue is not impressive, the drone footage will not be the same. It is good to consult the professional you hire before choosing this service. There are factors that would prevent the use of a drone. They may be – meteorological (rain, strong wind, thunder), technical (proximity to the airport, proximity to antennas, narrow spaces), force majeure (for example, the wedding schedule is broken and the wedding day is over).

At what moments on the wedding day is it appropriate / inappropriate to use a drone?

As mentioned above, the self-use of a drone would not always lead to good results. For example, a common mistake is to think that the best time to use a drone is during a perform ritual. The truth, however, is that this would lead to undesirable side effects. Such as guests gazing at  this interesting flying object over their heads. Imagine how confusing you would feel if at the most sublime moment of your wedding day, the attention of the guests is distracted by a side factor. The other drawback is the noise generated by the unmanned vehicle. It is reflected in the sound of the official’s speech or your speeches, in case you have such.  In our opinion, the use of this technology is appropriate in the following situations:

– Capture the wedding location from high.

– capture certain frames tailored to the place of the wedding session and previously directed by the pilot (photographer / video operator).

– Capture the location and wedding atmosphere more generally, immediately after an outside ceremony before the guests enter the restaurant.

– When shooting Love Story (before / after the wedding session). In this case, the photo location is selected in advance and the situation is controlled. Therefore, there is enough time and freedom to create beautiful and artistic footage.

Air photography reveals to us many new perspectives. In the context of wedding photography and videography, it adds new nuances that enhance the sense of space and make the wedding story more exhaustive.

Article author: Galin Banchev; Photography: Georgi Pavlov, Galin Banchev

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