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Groom Getting Ready (video)

Monday June 15th, 2020


This is the word with which we feel obliged to begin this article, especially comparing men’s preparation with that of the ladies. The video below will add weight to our claim. 🙂


For gentlemen, the whole process of preparing their appearance takes as much time as the ladies spend only on their eyelashes (sometimes it is not enough). That is, 10-15 minutes are enough for an average bachelor to refine his appearance beyond recognition!

Often, at the beginning of the big day, my colleague and I break up. One of us goes to the groom and company, and the other to the “enemy camp” with the bride. We have both been to both places and have gathered a lot of impressions from the emotional beginning of the wedding day. In the groom, the excitement is usually a little more balanced. There are other emotions.


After taking the necessary time for their appearance, they dedicate themselves to their friends (with a glass of whiskey or cold beer). In some cases, then begins the planning of complex strategies and logistics processes that interrupt the next part of the wedding day – the meeting of the groom with the bride. There is a tradition in Bulgarian folklore that we call “bride stealing”. Over time, however, it has changed, and in many of the weddings, it is no longer present. The truth is that this tradition, like any other, is part of our national identity when it comes to weddings. But in some cases, its presence does not reflect well on the wedding day as a whole.

Here we are talking about the cases in which the newlyweds are in different settlements. For the “bride stealing” to happen, the groom must travel a certain distance with all the accompanying guests. It is this detail that complicates the logistics, increases the risk of unforeseen trouble and last but not least, tires the guests and especially the groom before the wedding has even begun. We close this bracket, wanting to introduce you to one of the modern alternatives to “stealing the bride”, namely the “first look”.

Expect an article with video on this topic next week.

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