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First Look (video)

Monday June 22nd, 2020

As we promised in the previous article Groom Getting Ready, it is time for the next chapter of the wedding day – the meeting of the newlyweds.

The Bulgarian tradition is taking / buying / stealing the bride. But today we will present you a modern alternative. In our opinion, it is an elegant and emotional way to meet your partner for the first time in the role of a bride or groom.


First look is the moment when the bride goes to the groom while he is turned with his back. What follows is his turning to her. Then they see each other for the first time in their role as groom and bride. Extremely emotional moment for them. Traditionally, this action takes place just before the wedding ceremony (civil ritual). In essence, this kind of first meeting is an intimate moment, away from the eyes of family and friends.

Usually videographers and photographers offer the place to the newlyweds after they have inspected the place in advance. We are looking for a well-arranged and lighted place, if possible a natural place. Apart from a very emotional moment for the couple, the first meeting is also a kind of mini session, but unadulterated, and with real, unforced emotions.

This modern way of the first meeting between the newlyweds is a strong start to the wedding day (and also the ‘rising action’ at the wedding movie). One of its main advantages is that the couple has time to experience this moment intimately, without being distracted by the noise of the guests.

In some cases, the first meeting of the newlyweds takes place directly under the altar, and the bride is accompanied there by her father or a loved one.

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