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For most ladies, the wedding day is a dream, a moment they imagine from childhood, when they listened to the story of Cinderella. Probably some of them were the little bridesmaids from the weddings, who look with admiration at the divinely beautiful “big bride”, imagining how one day they will be in her place – radiant and charming.

When the day comes when the story becomes a reality, the first chapter it begins with is preparation. The preparation of the bride.

In modern weddings, the bride’s day usually begins before noon. After the morning coffee full of sweet talk and pre-wedding excitement, there is a hairstyle. Immediately after it is a line of makeup. The vanity of women, the glasses of champagne, the voice of the small details, the make-up, the tying of the dress, the many smiles caused by the general excitement, all these moments shared with the girlfriends leave an even more exciting and emotional memory from the beginning of the dream day.



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