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10 ideas to surprise your guests on the wedding day

Thursday February 14th, 2019

Photo credit: Ivanovi Photography

When it comes to planning a wedding, the expectations of the newlyweds on the theme of fun are always so high. This fact often leads them to the question -What a surprise to do for our guests? The modern virtual world led by major platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and others is overwhelmed with a variety of information on this subject. This can lead every bride to great confusion and dizziness! Here we come to offer you ten creative ideas to impress your guests on the wedding day.

1. Cocktail in the forest

It is summer time. Hellish heat trembles over fields and places. And today is the day you will say “YES” with your spouse. You are expecting guests from all over the world. A few months ago you accidentally saw that there is an incredible cool grove near your lovely wedding location. And now add a caravan, where specially, for you travel cocktails will mix fresh cocktails against the background of relaxing music. The result is a wonderful and unusual cool surprise that you can offer after the ceremony.

Photo credit: Mariela Chelebieva Photography

2. Musicians / Rock Band

Live performance always brings a sense of presence. What a safer way to fill the dance floor than to invite a performer or a group to electrify the setting and not to leave seated even the oldest guests at the wedding. If you love the jazz sound, what’s better than the accompaniment of a talented saxophonist.

Photo credit: Kalushkov Photography

3. Same day edit video / Same day slideshow / Save the date video

Same day edit video – this is the work of the videography team and is a video that is created on the wedding day. Usually after the first dance of the newlyweds, one of the videographers starts working on the video, using all the footage shot during the day. The aim is to create an impressive short film that will be broadcast later in the evening to the newlyweds and their guests. Same day slideshow is similar (photos at the same day), but it is the work of the photography team and its essence consists in projection of selected photos taken during the day. Save the date video can be a fun or romantic video with the newlyweds made months before the wedding day. It plays the role of original video invitation with which the couple invites their guests.

Photo credit: Kartchinski & Popov Studio

4. Small gifts

Тhe newlyweds often decide to make small gifts to their guests. These can be books that are written by the newlyweds with a specific message to each guest. Another option is personalized wedding souvenirs – small engraved sweets, cards, jars with honey, statuettes and others. An interesting idea for a wedding gift to guests is the so-called SURVIVAL KIT / HANGOVER KIT, which usually consists of various headache, bottle of water, multi-vitamins and more. A fun teaser to the guests with which you prepare them for the upcoming hangover on the next day.

Photo credit: Kalushkov Photography

5. Photo booth

Photo booths are a good addition to the wedding party. They create a cheerful  mood and even make everybody dance. With specially selected props (funny wigs, giant glasses, hats, etc.), kiosks fit easily into the wedding atmosphere, creating countless smiles on the faces of your guests.

6. Fire show

A surprise that awakens delight, admiration even a little fear. The Fire Show is a highly influential performance, consisting of a complex fire choreography performed by one or more professionals. Some of the instruments used in this art are fire poi, fiery sailors, fire batons and others. If you want to astonish your guests, this is one of the surest ways.

Photo credit: Mila Drumeva Photography

7. Musical performance by the newlyweds

If you have musical talents, why don`t you make an exciting gift to your friends that will make them remember that day long. We have attended a wedding in which the bride had already sung and recorded a beautiful Bulgarian ballad. Subsequently, she surprised the guests and her beloved with this performance, which was the background for their first wedding dance.

Photo credit: Mariela Chelebieva – Wedding storyteller

8. Kind words to the guests / Wedding vows

The specially prepared speeches by the newlyweds to the guests are always impressive and are an expression of respect for all those people who devoted their time to become part of the couple special day.

Wedding vows are a manifestation of cherished, an voice form of vowing in one another, an oath of allegiance. They are an indispensable part of the wedding ritual in America, while in our geographic latitudes still few people dare to express aloud and before witnesses their most sincere intentions to each another.

9. Bengal light – the glamorous end of the evening

After the euphoria, wild dances and unstoppable emotions during the evening party, a sparkling end would be the highlight. Switch between your friends who have formed a corridor with blazing bengal lights in your hands and finish the evening with glitter in their eyes, making them witnesses to one last love dance performed by you.

Photo credit: Gogo Kehayov Photography

10. Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns or lanterns of wishes are a wonderful way to end the evening. Suitable for open spaces such as the sea shore. They will bring a charming note into the overall atmosphere of the wedding night.

Article author: Galin Banchev

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